What materials can be shredded?

From whole lever arch files to hard drives, there is very little that you can't shred. But don't spend hours doing it yourself - save time by letting us do it for you.

Any type of paper

The contents of lever arch files, ring binders and any type of folders, architects and engineers drawings up to A0 folded or open, A3/A4/A5, Foolscap, Quarto and other old sizes, continuous computer printouts/stationery A3 size and just about anything else you can think of.

You do not need to remove paper from files or binders unless you wish to re-use them. Similarly paper clips and staples need not be removed. We separate out any plastics that may contaminate the paper stream for recycling.

Just about the only proviso is that the paper is reasonably flat and dry.

Electronic Media

Floppy Discs and Zip Drives. Although now outdated there are probably 10's of millions of floppies still out there, all containing readable data. Both are dealt with in the same way: the hard plastic cases are opened and the magnetic coated soft plastic disc is then shredded.

CD-ROMs and CD-RWs. These are removed from their cases and shredded.

Hard Drives, USB etc. These are crushed.

Please Note: Electronic Media must not be mixed with paper records as they are processed separately.